Final Thoughts

Wundi’s gone and Old Ugly has moved away. The two years I photographed and wrote this blog I drank too much and walked home late. I was quite often cold. I crouched on sticky tiles and blew out my ears. I wasn’t exactly happy, but I loved the people on the other side of that lens. I still do. This neighbourhood is filled with improbably kind and talented souls. Last summer, as venues closed and familiars moved away, Doug Hoyer pulled those folks together once more and produced Bike Month III: Bike to the Future. We celebrated with gin on the valley shore. There was a month of farewell shows and house parties. I cried in cars and on bicycles. The years of breathing too little had happened, happened when I was young and learning, and now they were over. I am glad I was there to take some photos and write down some thoughts.

The music isn’t over, of course. Everyone is still making records, bigger records. That work demands our ears and support more than ever before. This post is only my elegiac bow on this blog, and a nod to a few years in which I grew tremendously. Thanks for stopping by.



Diehatzu Hijets + Slow Girl Walking

/ Slow Girl Walking // Wunderbar // 07/05/14

Tape Release: Caity Fisher and the Final Frontier

Caity Fisher offers a glimpse of a glorious, glittering, pink polyester existence that cannot be explained but only experienced. Turn on the tape deck and let the Final Frontier take you there. 

Caity Fisher and the Final Frontier // Diamond Mind // Strange Fires
Wunderbar // 03/02/14

choice noise: Will Scott, Pigeon Breeders & Jung People

Will Scott / Pigeon Breeders / Jung People

Jung People’s shows are so stirring that I’ve taken to petitioning the Calgary band to move north to our poorly paved streets. Sadly for us, they remain only honorary Edmontonians. They’re set to release their new album, Gold Bristle!at the end of November. Mark your calendars.

Wunderbar // 10/27/13

/\/\ Diamond Mind at Wundi /\/\

Diamond Mind // Wunderbar // 10/20/13

Poorly-kept secret: I am an enormous fan of the music of Mr. Liam Trimble. Diamond Mind is no exception. As I type the band is finishing up their first EP. Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on this space for the details in the weeks to come.

Everything Will Be Dead Soon: Endless Bummer 2013

A small, small slice of the action from ENDLESS BUMMER 2013.*

Featuring Marlaena Moore / Tyler Butler / Emma Perri / Ghost Cousin / Strange Fires / Huckleberry / Field + Stream / Doug Hoyer / Layne L’Heureux

*approximately 1/5th. this thing was crazy.

Ghost Cousin presents SCOTLAND

Ghost Cousin Scotland release // Wunderbar // 08/21/13
With guests Jung People & My Side of the Mountain

The members of Ghost Cousin are easily among the most dedicated, determined and supportive artists I know. They’ve been pouring themselves into this album for ages, and they’ve certainly endured enough of our jokes about it. What they did, though, they did right. Ghost Cousin has transcended “impressionist pop” and “carnival melancholy” and any of the other labels we’ve given them over the years. Scotland has a dark whimsy that carries you out to sea, where you remain, drifting in the space between the Letersky brothers’ voices. When your limbs begin to feel heavy, Gooding’s bass and Corey’s keys buoy you. It’s an album to trust and fall into. It’ll keep you afloat.
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