Jom Comyn’s Sock-Feet Soporifics

If Jom Comyn’s music was a time and place, it’d be 3 AM in your linoleum walk-up apartment. When the booze is wearing off. When everyone’s too tired to speak but no one wants to leave so you lay around and watch the plaster ceiling. Somehow, in the crackling guitar and distant vocals, Jom Comyn (Edmonton’s Jim Cuming) captures that liminality. He did it on 2011’s Sunstroke EP, and he did it last week at the Black Dog. Even at four in the afternoon he was able to slip off his shoes and treat the crowd to his sock-feet soporifics.

If you weren’t among that day-drunk crowd, fear not. One of Cuming’s shows was captured on tape last November. It was a deep-freeze Edmonton night, and the now defunct Elevation Room was dark and thermal. Beer thawed icy limbs, and the audience fell into the sleepy warmth of Cuming’s set. Now, as winter lingers, he has released those recordings as Live at the Elevation Room. It includes his self-effacing banter and consists almost entirely of songs from his forthcoming album. Give it a listen and let it carry you into the cool melt of spring.


(When you see Jom Comyn live, ask him to play “These Eyes”. It’ll be worth your while.)

This post originally appeared on Sound+Noise on April 10, 2013. 


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