Nick Everett @ Wunderbar : February 9th

elsethingsI walked in my door Tuesday night and grabbed my notebook. I’d just returned from the Cabin Songs showcase at Wunderbar. My mind fuzzy from beer and hands still stiff from the cold, I found a pen and began to write:

Nick Everett threw my soul wide open. Humble and bumbling, in such a way that you know he sincerely doesn’t think we’re all like that. That he doesn’t realize how refreshing his rambling honesty is. His voice cut through to my centre, his guitar at once violent and gentle. I was compelled to cry but grinned instead. What else can you do when someone gives voice to the human condition, so undisguised?

Listen for yourself. I don’t have to tell you that artists like this are uncommon. That moments like this are rare. But in Edmonton we are lucky: Everett is playing another show this Saturday, February 9th at Wunderbar. Not only will he have a band behind him this time, but he’ll also be joined by three equally transcendent acts: Smokey & the Feeelings, Marlaena Moore and Blair Drover. Come, close your eyes and put your weight against the wall. Listen as the force of Everett’s hand on guitar strings creates a sound that slips between delirium and a sharp pain. Come let the upper end of his voice fill that small, vulnerable space we do our best to conceal. Come grin with me.

This post originally appeared on Sound+Noise on February 7, 2013.


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